Are You 100% Happy With Your Testosterone Levels And Sexual Performance?

index.jpgAs a man, what is likely going to be your answer to this question? -Are you 100% happy with the levels of your testosterone and sexual performance?

In a study, where 40,000 men were asked this question above; only 3% of them answered YES. About 33% of these men expressed themselves as being ‘fairly happy’ with their sexual life and testosterone levels. The remaining 74% of the men indicated that, if given the chance, there are two or more areas of these aspects they need help on.

So, which of these categories to you fall into? If you are to rate your sex life from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, what would be your answer? This study above makes us understand that only few men are happy with their sex lives.

The recent news about erection problems these days is that it is much more common among young guys between ages 19-24, based on the information gotten from a research carried out through ED forums.

So, if you are struggling with erection problems or have difficulties getting harder, or you start losing confidence in yourself because you feel you are too young to experience that, you should know you aren’t alone.

I can’t tell you it’s no big deal though, because it is. This is not something you can sit back and pretend like it’s not really happening. Your sex life and your ability to please your woman is part of what defines you as a man.

Struggling with stop and start erection or the shame of climaxing too early will always bring disappointment to your woman’s life and affect your confidence as a man.

If not properly handled, it could make you lose your self-esteem, wreck havoc on your relationship and affect your social life because studies reveal that anxiety and depression are common in men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

However, you can handle this. You aren’t alone. In fact, one of those 3 guys around you may be having it too, so why should you allow yourself to lose because of it. Now, most of those guys have ways by which they deal with it and even though they are aware of the side effects of erectile dysfunction medications, penis pumps and testosterone therapy, there isn’t much they can do about it.

According to Adam Armstrong, the creator of the Rock Hard Formula product, any man that wants to enjoy an outstanding sexual life must have high sexual energy levels, which he calls ‘Mojo’ or ‘Animal Magnetism’.

He explains that the reason most men are struggling with embarrassing and humiliating sexual performance is low reserve of this sexual energy. This is causes by living an unhealthy lifestyle such as exposing yourself to too much stress, drinking too much alcohol, eating junk foods, not getting adequate sleep, taking stimulants, some certain medications and de-hydration among others.

If you really want that off-the-chart confidence, having a healthy testosterone level is one of the bests to go about it. Not only will you be able to avoid erection problems or humiliating sexual performances, but you will as well enjoy great energy levels and increased lean muscle mass. The benefits of healthy testosterone levels are numerous.

Making lifestyle changes towards boost your testosterone levels can help and you will have to give it time. Also, involve other ways of naturally boosting testosterone levels.

Adam Armstrong mentioned that he used to be 40lbs overweight, which affected his sexual performances but was able to enjoy better sex life and lost weight after lifestyle changes to boost that helped boost his testosterone levels.

BadBed1.jpgHowever, it is his want for MORE in the bedroom that made him continue with the research that led to discovery of the 2000-year old  Alpha Male secrets that he revealed in his program – Man Tea; Rock Hard Formula.

According to Adam, he was able to achieve the goals he waited for months to get with lifestyle changes in double-quick time.

You can boost your testosterone levels naturally with foods and exercises to enjoy outstanding sexual performance, safely and naturally.

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