18 Signs Of Addiction – How To Know If You Are An Addict

Addiction, the abuse of substances, could involve nicotine, alcohol or drug while some of the pleasurable activities could be gambling, shopping, sex, food, or sugar addiction, which prevents people from losing excess body fat.

When you are addicted to a substance or a habit, you find it hard to manage your use of them and eventually lose control over the use. You may not even realize you are getting addicted or can’t possibly bring yourself to stop making use of then even after knowing their potential harm.


Knowing if you are suffering from an addiction or not will help you know how to start taking the necessary steps to get rid of any kind of addiction.

  1. It doesn’t seem reasonable to you to make use of the drugs the way they have been prescribed for you.
  2. Visiting different doctors for the same drug prescriptions and avoiding telling them your previous drugs that you have taken.
  3. You still continue to take a drug even after you don’t need it for any health problem.
  4. Checking other people’s medicine cabinets for any drugs that you can take.
  5. Taking prescribed medicines with other drugs or alcohol.
  6. Taking much more of a substance before you can get the same effects you used to get from taking one or two.
  7. Obsession-Spending almost all the time of the day thinking about the drug.
  8. Losing interest in the things that used to be your hobbies.
  9. You feel strange when the drug wears off.
  10. You’ve begun having trouble doing normal daily things, like cooking or working.
  11. You drive or do other dangerous things (like use heavy machines) when you are on the drug.
  12. Financial difficulties-Resorting to borrowing or stealing money in order to pay for the substance or participate in the activity.
  13. Relationship problems-You’re having trouble getting along with friends, families members or co-workers, becomes a problem.001d68a82a8f80510613606c903ea0c2
  14. Having new set of friends that welcome your newly developed practices.
  15. You still continue with taking the substances even after being aware of the bad effects it is now having on your life.
  16. Secrecy -You don’t want other people knowing what’s going on with you.
  17. Denial- even till now, you still having problem acknowledging you have a problem, even after you have seen the confusion and pain in the face of your loved ones.
  18. Even the smallest problems appear very big to you and you think you can’t handle them without alcohol or drugs.

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